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                                  Weiqiao Textile Receives National Textile Industry Quality Award, Wei Jiakun Recognized with Outstanding Perso......

                                  January 14, 2019 –The Industrial Department at the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) handed out the Outstanding Person Award for the Sixth National Textile Industry Quality Award and the Second National Textile Industry Quality Award at a forum. The theme of the forum was the quality of the textile industry in China. Weiqiao Textile Company Limited (“Weiqiao Textile” or the “Company”)was recognized with the National Textile Industry Quality Award.Concurrently,Mr. Wei Jiakun, General Manager at Weiqiao Textile, was recognized with theOutstanding Person Award of Quality of the National Textile Industry.

                                  A CNTAC committee reviewed and reexamined 19 contenders for the National Textile Industry Quality Award and National Textile Industry Award for Advanced Companies in Execution of Excellent Performance Model in 2014 and 2015, as well as 8 companies applying for the National Textile Industry Quality Award in 2018 based on the national standard Criteria for performance excellence (GB/T19580-2012) and the Administrative Measures for Review of the National Textile Industry Quality Award. Weiqiao Textile passed the reexamination process and was recognized with the award whileits General Manager also received the Outstanding Person Award.

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